Shaanxi University of Science & Technology

Xi’an City, ShaanxiProvince
Master Programs(English Taught)

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
  3. Computer Technology
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Materials Science and Engineering
  6. Environmental Science and Engineering
  7. Environmental Engineering
  8. Light Industry Technology and Engineering
  9. Biochemical and Biomaterial Engineering
  10. FoodScienceandEngineering(Foodnutrition,Foodanalysis,Foodsafetyand
  11. Bioengineering
  12. FoodEngineering
  13. ChemicalEngineeringandTechnology
  14. Chemistry
  15. ChemicalEngineering
  16. MBA
  17. FullTuitionfeesFree
    2.Accommodation free
    3.Monthly 1000 to 1500RMB/Monthly

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